What do you do with any tree waste? 

All woodchip is re-used as garden mulch or fertilizer. All suitable timber is processed to be used as firewood or can be left on site at the client’s request.

Do I need permission?

If your tree is protected by a tree preservation order (TPO) or in a conservation area you will always need permission, however there are some exemptions to this rule i.e. if the tree is dead, dying, diseased or dangerous. We can carry out the necessary searches on your behalf with your local council.

Why should tree stumps be removed?

When trees are felled or fall, their stumps should be removed to prevent suckering, which is where new shoots arise from the trunk and roots.  Completely dead stumps won’t form suckers, but they can host root diseases, such as honey fungus, which is the most destructive fungal disease in UK gardens and can attack many woody and herbaceous perennials.

Are you insured? 

Yes, we are fully insured for up to £10m public liability and proof of this insurance can be provided upon request.

How do we pay you? 

We accept cheques, cash and bank transfers. We can send you an invoice upon request with the necessary payment details.

What time do you normally start? 

We always arrange an approximate start time with the client prior to arrival but we’re early risers and generally like to start at around 8am.

What access do you need? 

Access can be ascertained during an initial site visit and will depend upon what operations are to be carried out.